Online TDS Correction return filing

Hello, in this post we will be discussing the online correction return filing step by step procedure. Also, the status of Request / Process shown during Online Correction.

After uploading the TDS return, errors may be recognized in the TDS statement. The errors can be the wrong PAN of Employee / Deductee, short deduction of TDS amount, excess utilization of any challan etc. In such cases, the deductor can do online correction in TDS statement at “TRACES” through online correction category.

Types of correction under Online Correction category

All type of corrections like “Personal information, Deductee details, and Challan correction” can be possible using online correction functionality only. This functionality is available from FY 2007-08 onwards depending upon the type of correction.

The deductor has to note that few of these corrections can be possible only if DSC is registered in the TRACES portal.

Below given are the details of corrections in online category;

Type of Defaults Correction Type Available from FY DSC Required
Add new challan Add challan to statement FY 2007-08 Onwards No
Challan is unmatched Challan correction FY 2007-08 Onwards No
To clear interest and late fee demand payment Pay 220, interest, levy, late filling FY 2007-08 Onwards No
To move deductee row Request for overbooked challan (move deductee row from challan) FY 2007-08 Onwards No
To update PAN PAN correction FY 2007-08 Onwards Yes
To update personal details Personal information FY 2007-08 Onwards Yes
To add/modify deductee row Add/Modify deductee details FY 2013-14 Onwards Yes
To modify salary details Add or delete salary details FY 2013-14 Onwards Yes

Note: Filing of online correction is not possible if the regular statement previously filed as a paper return.

Steps for Online Correction Return filing

Step-1: Firstly, Login to TRACES website.

Step-2: Go to “View Default Summary” under “Defaults” to see the defaults available for the particular Financial Year and Quarter. To view the details of the default, click on the Quarter.

Step-3: Go to “Request for correction” under “Defaults” and enter the relevant Quarter, Financial Year, and Form Type. Then, select the Correction category as “Online” and submit the request. The request number will be generated.

Step-4: The Request will be available for correction under “Track Correction Request”. When request status becomes “Available” click on Available status to proceed with the correction by providing information of valid KYC.

Step-5: Select the type of correction category from the drop-down (as applicable) and then make the necessary corrections in the selected file.

Step-6: After all the corrections, click on “Submit for Processing” to submit the correction (This option is available only to the admin user).

Step-7: A fifteen digits token number (RRR) will be generated upon submission and then mailed to the registered e-mail ID.

Status of Request / Process shown during Online Correction

Requested: When the user submits a request for correction.

Initiated: Request is being processed by TRACES.

Available: Request for correction is accepted and the statement is made available for correction. The user can start correction on the statement. Clicking on the hyperlink will take the user to validation screen. Once the user clicks on request with ‘Available’ status, the status of request / statement will change to ‘In Progress’.

Failed: Request cannot be made available due to a technical error. The user can re-submit the request for same details.

In Progress: User is working on the statement. Clicking on the hyperlink will take the user to validation screen.

Submitted to Admin User: Sub-user / Admin User has submitted correction statement to Admin User.

Submitted to ITD: Admin User has submitted correction statement to ITD for processing.

Processed: Statement is processed by TRACES (either for Form 26AS or for defaults).

Rejected: Statement is rejected by TRACES after processing. Also, rejection reasons will be shown in ‘Remarks’ column.

This comes to the end our post on Online correction return filing. If you have any questions or doubts kindly drop them in the comment section below.