Quarterly eTDS Return filing of TDS/TCS under Form 24Q/ 26Q/ 27Q/ 27EQ

Correction return filing using TRACES downloaded data (Conso File)

Quarterly eReturn filing of Non-Deduction Certificates under Form 15G/15H

Monthly eReturn filing of Tax under Form 24G from government deductors

In-Built FVU validation utility for eTDS/eTCS return filing as given by NSDL

In-Built Scheme validation for Form 15G/15H return filing as given by ITD

Deductee PAN verification in bulk with display of PAN holder name

Challan verification through OLTAS with display of Short/Excess usage of challan

Form 16 generation for TDS deducted from Employee with merged Part A & B

Form 16A generation for TDS deducted from Deductees on Quarterly basis

Form 27D generation for TCS deducted from Deductees on Quarterly basis

Digitally Sign the Tax certificate and e-mail it to the Employees/Dedutees

Auto Tax computation on employee salary with consideration of all income & deductions

Automated Perquisites calculation for various kinds of benefits given to the employee

Previous employment salary & TDS deduction details capture for accurate tax computation

Exemption & Investment details capture through Form 12BB as given by the employee

Data Quality Report (DQR) to ensure the accuracy of details being filed

Various MIS reports on Deduction & Challan enter the respective forms

Statement of Total Income (STI) to view computed Salary TDS

Form ITR-1 (Sahaj) generation for employees to file their Income Tax Return

Master, Deduction, Challan and Salary details can be imported/ exported to Excel

Details from already generated FVU file can be validated and imported

Details from Text file generated during return filing can be imported in bulk

Data of Conso file downloaded from TRACES can be imported

Request & download of Form 16/16A, Form 27D, Conso File, Justification Report

Bulk verification of PAN, Challan and certificate u/s 197

Defaults summary view with request & tracking of Online correction

Submission of Declaration for Non-filing of eTDS/eTCS with relevant information

Threshold limit check for each deductions enter for the particular section

Direct port of tax details to TIN website for e-payment of Tax (ITNS 281)

Online filing of Quarterly eTDS/eTCS and Form 15g/15H returns to ITD

Auto download of Challan Input File (.csi) for eReturn filing of TDS/TCS