Deduction details entry for form 15g and 15g

Hi, in this post we will see the process of deduction details entry in Saral TDS for Form 15G/15H for NIL deduction of TDS when given by a deductee/customer.

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A guide to Form 15G and 15H

To begin with the process, goto Form 26Q and click on Deduction details under the applicable Quarter.

1.a.Deduction details entry in Saral TDS for Form 15G15H-26qIn the displayed window, select the deductee/customer and the applicable section i.e. 194A. Also, enter the Payment amount and Payment date. If the deductee/customer has given Form 15G/15H (as applicable), then the rate of tax has to be made ZERO as no TDS is applicable in such cases.

2.b.Deduction details entry in Saral TDS for Form 15G15H-zero

Note: This provision is applicable only if the deductee/customer has provided a Valid PAN.

Next, provide the reason for ZERO deduction as NO DEDUCTION U/S 197A and the Certificate number.

3.c.Deduction details entry in Saral TDS for Form 15G15H-197a

Note: Certificate number for Form 15G starts with Alphabet G and that for Form 15H starts with alphabet H.

Now, click on Save and the record will be saved.

Please note that it is important to link any zero TDS deduction with a paid challan of the quarter. Hence, link the record created with any of the paid Challan by selecting the Challan Serial No. from the Challan Details section.

4.d.Deduction details entry in Saral TDS for Form 15G15H-challan

Now the record is complete and the process of entering a deduction record w.r.t. Form 15G/15H also completes.

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