Accessing Saral apps from your home

We are in a global pandemic that has rendered us home-bound. It is from this place we have to get all things done. But, for a lot of us, most of the data and files needed to work are based on the systems available in our offices. Offices, which we are not able to visit.

We are writing this post to make the process of accessing data from your office system easy and free by using remote desktop software.

Let’s get started.

What is Remote Desktop Software?

Remote Desktop Software is a tool that allows you to remotely access and control another computer with an internet/network connection.

It is available on many platforms, including hand-held computing devices. There are an abundance of Password Manager software and 2 Factor-Authentication methods.

In this post, we have consolidated a list of our favourite free remote connections for you.

These softwares allow you to start or attend business meetings, do project collaborations, and discuss business ideas while working remotely.

So without further ado, let’s check out some of these Software.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is from Google that runs on the Chrome web browser.

  • Both the systems need to install the Google Chrome browser, the installation and setup are quick and easy.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop runs mainly from the browser and you can use it on almost any OS.
  • It is linked to your Google account, so no need to create another account or generate a one-time code.
  • Easily access any computer on the web without changing network or firewall settings.

It is mostly for personal use, and best suited for users who need a simple screen sharing application.

Team Viewer

A computer software package for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing, and file transfer between computers.

  • Great online support for its users and offer user guides, videos, and FAQs. However, if you can’t find your answer and wish to submit a ticket, their tech support only speaks to licensed users.
  • The easiest file sharing features where you can transfer files with the standard dual-window interface, or drag and drop from one computer to another. You could also do a simple copy-and-paste.
  • It has very few setup steps, a fast connection, easy interface, and fast transfer time. No need to make any changes to the router or firewall configurations.
  • The TeamViewer Management Console automatically logs your connection data. Combined with your individual comments, this documentation is perfect for invoicing and reporting.

The free version is only for personal use and it will disconnect your session if you use it for commercial usage.


AnyDesk doesn’t require any installation and works without having to configure a router.

  • Easy access to all your programs and files without risking your information to a cloud. To get started, download and launch a small program file.
  • You can also easily customize your settings, enabling you to show the remote cursor, transmit sound, take a screenshot, disable view-only or turn off clipboard syncing.
  • It has unattended access so you can access the computer without any user interaction. You can connect to the computer as soon as it is powered on.
  • It doesn’t require any modifications to the router. You download this program quickly and start the connection.

The free version of AnyDesk is for casual personal use rather than commercial use.

With that, we have come to the end of this post. You can access all other apps using the above methods.

We hope that you give these applications a try. If you do, let us know in the comment section below which one you used.