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As per an approximate statistics, Annually more than 1 Crore Form-16s are generated in India towards issuing to the employees from Employers, either at the year end or at change of employment. This includes the Taxable Salaried Assessees, who are required to file their returns through ITR. The count tops up with a wastage rate of 10%, which includes the pre-final Form-16s generated and the other papers used for manual workings.

As per the rough estimates, more than 60% of Form 16s are issued with Form 12BA, which comes to average of 3 Pages together. And the Form-16 without Form 12BA averages 2 Pages in an A4 size sheet.

This estimates to an usage of about 3.5 Crores of pages printed annually in A4 Sheets!!

Form 16: Electronic

Did you know that, manufacturing every 4000 A4 size papers consumes one whole matured TREE!! Yes, This calculates to cutting down of about 8750 Trees annually for manufacturing 3.5 Crore sheets of papers, utilized for Form-16 generation throughout the country.

Consider the environment...
Try to use Electronic Form-16 Digitally Signed, than Paper Form-16, unless you really need to.
One TREE saved is equal to 1000 seedlings planted..!!
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