Procedure to enter Deductee details in Saral TDS

In this post, we will take a look at the step by step procedure to enter deductee details in Saral TDS software for TDS return filing.

Before entering the deductee master details, ensure that your deductor master is filled. You can find the procedure here.

For tutorial of deductee master, you can either watch the video below or you can go ahead and read the the step by step walk through.

To enter deductee details, go to Master-> Deductee Master. 

1. Add deductee details - Menu

The Deductee Master Entry window will be displayed. Enter the required deductee details such as name, address, contact details, PAN details etc.

2. Add deductee details - enter the details

Note: All grey fields in the software are mandatory, the white field is optional and yellow fields are not editable-auto computable fields.

Enable the required checkboxes of Form. This will allow the deductee information to be shown in only the enabled forms. I.e. if only 26 is enabled, then the deductee information will be shown in Form 26Q entry only.

3. Add deductee details - Select type of return

Once all the information is provided next we must check the validity of the PAN. We have two options for PAN Validation:

4. Add deductee details - PAN verification

Option-1: PAN verification through TRACES

PAN will be verified through TRACES login where the name of the Deductee will be displayed. On selecting Option 1, you will be redirected to enter TRACES account credentials.

5. Add deductee details - TRACES from software

On continuing, the software process will be directed to TRACES website account. Here, enter the Verification Code and continue.

6. Add deductee details - TRACES login

Next, the verification will be done in the background and the verification output (valid or invalid PAN) will be displayed on the screen of Saral TDS software.

7. Add deductee details - PAN verification through TRACES

Option-2: PAN verification through ITD

With this option, software will verify whether the PAN is valid/invalid and present in ITD or not. On selecting Option 2, the verification output will be displayed to the user.

7. Add deductee details - PAN verification through TRACES

Once the deductee PAN is verified, if the PAN is valid the record will be displayed in green colour and if it is invalid the record will be displayed in red colour. If PAN is not entered or available, it will be shown in white.

9. Add deductee details -PAN verification status.

Next, select the code of the Deductee. If the 4th Character of the PAN of the Deductee is C, then select Companies else select Other than Companies.

10. Add deductee details - Select deductor code

If the deductee is a transporter having less than 10 or less Business vehicle for the year, then enable the checkbox as shown below.  This is for the deductee who wishes to take zero TDS provision on providing Valid PAN to the deductor.

11. Add deductee details - Select transporter with less than 10 vehicles

This completes the process of entering the TDS deductee details in Saral TDS.  Also, let us know your opinion by commenting below.