Submission of form 15g

In this post, we will be looking into Registration and submission of Form 15G / 15H in the Income Tax India efiling portal. Also, We have started from the registration under the efiling portal to uploading of Form 15G/15H.

Step1 – Registration under the Income Tax India efiling portal

The user must have the following mandatory details:

  • The user should have Valid TAN
  • User’s Valid Mobile Number
  • Valid Email Address, preferable belonging to Principal Contact Number

Open the Income Tax India efiling website (You can click on this link and follow:

On the top right of the page, you will find an option to register yourself or login. If you are a registered user then skip step-2 or else continue with the registration by clicking on the “Register Yourself” Button as in the image below.

submission of Form 15G

If you click on the “Register yourself button” then you will get the following screen.  Here, select the option “Tax Deductor and Collector” and later click on continue.

submission of Form 15G

Now enter the TAN and click on continue

submission of Form 15G

Click on Register with TRACES link provided.

submission of Form 15G

You will be navigated to TRACES website. Login at TRACES with TRACES user-id and password. Post Login, the link is provided on the homepage of TRACES. Click the link ‘Register with e-Filing’.

After the user comes to the e-Filing portal, fill in the required details in the form.

  • Password Details
  • Details of the Authorised person
  • Organization Details
  • Postal Address of Organization

and Click on ‘Continue’.

submission of Form 15G

This will show a “Registration successful” page. After registration, a six-digit OTP1 and OTP2 will be shared on your mobile number and email ID, specified at the time of registration

You need to click on the link which is provided in the email ID and in the webpage and then enter the required details along with the OTP and submit. Also, enter the correct OTP to complete the registration process.


  • If PAN of the organization is available, the registration request is sent to the PAN of organization for approval. After approval, the registration process will complete.
  • Your OTP will expire after 24 hours from the actual time of receipt. As a result, the registration process will be expired. You need to register again from the beginning.

Step2- Login using your user ID and password

The next step is to login using your user ID and password and then entering the captcha code. The user ID will be the TAN of the deductor.

submission of Form 15G

Step3 – Digital signature certificate registration:

If you are newly registering, then you have to register the Digital Signature Certificate of Responsible Person. For this, follow the below steps;

  1. Login to ‘e-Filing’ Portal
  2. Go to the ‘Profile Setting’ menu located on the upper-right side of the page. Click on ‘Register Digital Signature Certificate’ and Click on ‘Click here to download the DSC Utility’
  3. Extract the downloaded DSC Utility and Open the Executable Jar File (DSC Utility) [Read the instructions carefully].
  4. In the DSC Management Utility, go to ‘Register/Reset Password using DSC’ tab and Enter ‘Enter e-Filing User ID*’, ‘Enter PAN of the DSC*’. Here, select the type of ‘Digital Signature Certificate’ (DSC).
  5. For DSC using .pfx file:
    • Select the Type of DSC .pfx file
    • Browse and attach the Keystore file (.pfx File)
    • Enter the password for your private key
    • Click ‘Generate Signature file’
  6. For DSC using USB token:
    • Select the Type of DSC (.pfx file or USB token) USB Token
    • Select USB Token Certificate and Click ‘Generate Signature File’

Step4 – How to do the e-filing:

Prepare and generate the XML file upload it to the website. To prepare the XML file, Form 15G/ 15H utility is available in e-filing website. To  download the utility Click here (Form 15G (Consolidated) & Form 15H (Consolidated))

Get the XML file signed by the DSC Management Utility downloaded from ITD website. Click here to download the utility.

submission of Form 15G

To sign the XML file, open DSC Management Utility and go to last tab the i.e., bulk upload.

  • Select the Zip file (XML File) generated
  • Enter the e-filing login user Id & password
  • PAN number of the authorized person which is registered on income tax website login.
  • Fill DSC details. Generate signed file and save it.

In the meantime, login to ITD website. Click on e-File menu and select “Submit Form 15G/Form 15H (Consolidated)”. Therefore, select ‘Financial year’‘Form Name’, ‘Quarter’ and ‘Filing Type’ from the dropdown list and click on Validate. After validation, upload the below file in the screen as shown below;

  • Upload the consolidated 15G/H ZIP file
  • Upload the signature file

and submit the details:

submission of Form 15G

Once the upload is successful then you will get an “Upload Successful” Screen along with the transaction ID.

Step5 – The status of the uploaded file

After uploading the files, the status will be shown as “Uploaded”. This uploaded file will be processed and validated. This will take up to 24 hours, after which, if the validation is successful, then it will show as “Accepted” or otherwise “Rejected”.

  • If the file is accepted, it is sent to the CPC-TDS for further processing.
  • If the file is rejected then the reason for rejection will be there in the list. After correcting the necessary details, it can be re-uploaded.

This can be checked under “My Account” -> “View Form 15G/15H (consolidated)”. If you click on the transaction number, it will show the receipt number / acknowledgment number.

Points to note:

  • Only one original entry will be accepted for the given combination of TAN, Financial Year, Form and quarter.
  • TAN, Filing Type, Quarter and Financial Year entered in XML should match with the TAN, Quarter, Financial Year and Filing Type in upload screen.
  • UIN should be unique for the TAN and financial year.
  • Financial year and TAN in the UIN should match with the TAN. Also, Financial Year for which the statement is being uploaded.

So these are the steps to the filing of form 15G / 15H. We hope that you found this post helpful. Also, leave a comment below and let us know if you have any questions or doubts regarding this post.