Online challan addition - C9 correction

In this post, we have discussed the step-by-step process of online challan addition in TRACES for C9 correction.

C9 – Online Correction

The income tax department has eased its lengthy process by enabling the addition of new Challan through online correction.

The new rule by the Income Tax Department discontinues the C9 correction option in correction return filing. This option was previously in use to add new challan or transfer voucher in correction statements. This discontinuation is in effect from FVU Version 4.8.

The primary reason for the discontinuation of the C9 type of correction is to ensure that the payment of challans is done properly in due time period. This includes the interest due to the delay in deduction or delay in challan payment or any late filing fee if applicable. Also, it is to be reported during the regular e-Return itself.

The above-mentioned process is now done only through the Online Correction option in TRACES login.

The online correction facility is available for statements from FY 2007-08 onwards. This online correction is free-of-cost on TRACES portal.

Online correction is done without requesting a Conso file. The user has to just log in and file the correction. The statement is processed in 24 hours time period.

The pre-requisites for the Addition of new challan through Online correction are:

  1. Latest PRN Number (Original or Correction token number)
  2. KYC Details from the statement
    • One challan detail
    • 3 PAN – TDS Amount details which are related to the challan details given.

The procedure for addition of new challan in TRACE login is as below;

  1. Login to TRACES website
  2. Go to the ‘Request for correction’ tab under ‘Defaults’.
  3. Enter the details required and select the correction category as ‘Online’. A request number will be generated.
  4. Next, Click on ‘Go to Track Correction Request
  5. Click on the Available / In progress status to proceed with the correction. Complete the KYC Validation.
  6. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Add challan’ as the type of correction category.
  7. Make the required corrections and click on ‘Submit for Processing’. A 15-digit token number will be generated and sent it to the registered email ID. Therefore, the processing will take about 24 hours to add the new challan and update.

Once the correction is processed, download the consolidated file (Conso File). Thus, the Conso File will list the new challan.

To view screen by screen process of Addition of new challan through online correction, click here for e-Tutorials from TRACES.