FAQs on File Validation Utility (FVU)

Hello, in this post we will discuss some of the common questions or FAQs on File Validation Utility/ FVU.

What is File Validation Utility (FVU)?

You can validate your e-TDS/TCS return file using the File Validation Utility otherwise known as FVU facility. It is a utility provided by National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). In short, the return file generated by a deductor according to a prescribed format (in ASCII format with ‘.txt’ extension) is verified by FVU.

This utility will help you to submit an error-free e-TDS/TCS return file with ease. You can download this free service from the official Tax Information Department Website. You can validate the e-TDS/TCS return file from Financial Year 2005-06 using this facility.

What are the FVU errors?

FVU checks and brings to you any errors present in the text file you have submitted as per the prescribed format by NSDL. These errors usually occur mainly due to invalid data provided or dates/amounts out of limits, etc.

What does the utility do if any errors are found in the file?

If this FVU facility detects any errors in the text file you have submitted earlier, it will not generate an FVU file. But instead, it will generate a report file containing the list of errors for correction.

Which File is to be submitted for eTDS/TCS returns?

Once the validation of your text file is over, you can copy the FVU file to a CD / Pen Drive. You should enclose this FVU file with a covering letter (Form 27A) signed by the responsible person. Then you can submit both of these to the Tax information network Facilitation Centers (TIN FC).

TIN FC will then upload your FVU file through the statement Acceptance Module (SAM). It will generate an acknowledgment receipt after your Form 27A is furnished.

Why FVU reports the error as Invalid PAN, even though PAN is provided? OR What is Valid PAN Format checked by FVU?

The points to be verified for PAN validation by FVU:

  • Length should be 10 characters.
  • The general format for a PAN is 5 Alpha, 4 Numeric, and 1 Alpha. E.g.: ABVPS1234A.
  • 4th Character of your PAN should be one of the following P, H, C, J, F, A, T, B, L or G any other character is invalid.
  • The 5th character, which will be always the 1st letter of the Assessee Surname or Company Name.

Why FVU report the error as Invalid TAN, even though TAN is provided? OR What is Valid TAN Format checked by FVU?

The points to be verified for TAN validation by FVU:

  • The length should be 10 characters.
  • The general format for TAN is 4 Alpha, 5 Numeric, and 1 Alpha. E.g.: BLRS01234A
  • If the Mod-7 value of 5 numeric values is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, then the Last (10th) character should be A, B, C, D, E, F or G, respectively.

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