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Verifying deductee PAN [Out of date article]


I-T department asks deductors to quote the correct PAN compulsorily for each deduction. It also suggests the deductors to collect the PAN [if possible with proof of PAN card] before making any payment.

Verifying a PAN:
Once deductor has the PAN of deductees, it is recommended to verify the PAN of the Deductee names provided.  There is no foolproof solution to verify this. But a reliable solution is available currently.

Steps to verify the PAN:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the PAN in the PAN field and click on Submit.
  3. It will show the respective name for that PAN.
  4. Cross-verify it with the deductee name available with you.
  5. If any mismatch/doubt, enquire with deductee and get it corrected/clarified.

Letter to missing/Wrong PAN deductees
It is good to write a letter to each party, who’s PAN is wrong or missing. This will help the deductor to have 100% PAN against deductees.

Consequences of wrongly quoting a PAN

  1. Wrongly quoting of PAN of either the Deductee or the deductor attracts penalty of Rs. 10000/- U/s 272B.
  2. Further the deductee from whom it has been deducted will not get the credit of TDS during his regular Income Tax assessment.
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