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Saral TDS | Version 9.50

Relyon has released Version 9.50 of Saral TDS on 15th April 2009. The detailed list of release notes are available below.

Release Notes of Version 9.50 | Saral TDS:

  1. Version 9.50 of Saral TDS consists of two software’s.
    1. v9.02 => Allows users to work with FY 2008-09 or earlier data.  Files of FY 2009-10 cannot be opened.
    2. v9.50 => Allows users to work with FY 2009-10 data.  This version will update FY 2009-10 files created using v9.00 or v9.01 to the latest one.  Files of FY 2008-09 or earlier cannot be opened.
  2. New FVU v2.126 included (for validation of returns upto FY 2008-09).
    1. Meanwhile as the FVU is provided on 13/04/2009 and software is released on 15/04/2009, Relyon FVU is not made available. This will be provided in the immediate next version of Saral TDS. During this period, customers who have to make return can use JAVA FVU 2.126.
  3. New Form 24C introduced.  Only Data entry can be done 
    1. In Deduction/Collection Entry
    2. In Challan Entry.  Now Challan is independent of Section.
    3. In Challan Deduction Linking (excluding Auto Link)
  4. In Deductor Master, two new fields Residential Status and Mobile Number of responsible person added.
  5. Deduction/Collection Entry
    1. Total Expense or Capital outgo field added for data capturing.
    2. Amount of Payment is renamed as Liable for TDS / Eligible for TCS.
    3. For Sections 194A, 194C, 194H, 194J and 194I; one more option provided for Non-Deduction Reason.  “Below Threshold Limit” can be selected if no deduction is made due to threshold limit not being reached.
    4. Bill Reference for the deduction can be entered.  To make such entry, enable Allow Bill Ref. option provided in Option Settings.
  6. Challan Entry
    1. Section indication has been removed.
    2. Additional fields Date of Debit and Transaction Reference Number added.
  7. Facility for Switching between v9.02 (Quarterly Return) and v9.50 (Compliance Return) provided.  Feature is available under File menu.

Details of Version 9.01 is available here>>

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